A Restaurant provides Japanese Traditional
Sanuki udon, pork cutlet and fish cutlet.

At Yamano Ue, our restaurant nestled on the mountain summit, experience the essence of Romizian Garden through a culinary journey like no other.
We take pride in presenting a unique dining experience, offering a taste of authentic Sanuki Udon, renowned in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. Our chef, trained directly in Kagawa Prefecture, has mastered the art of Sanuki Udon, and now, you can savor this traditional dish here at Yamano Ue. With a menu featuring the famed Sanuki Udon, immerse yourself in the breathtaking view of Mt. Gariwang while relishing a steaming bowl of Udon.

12, Eodowon-gil, Bukpyeong-myeon,
Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon State
Operating Hours
11:00 to 16:00 (Last order at 15:00)
TEL: +82-2-3288-3377